Seego Vhit King Kit

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Seego Vhit King dry herb vaporizer atomizer - 2014 Latest technology 

The new SEEGO Vhit King Herb Vaporizer is the healthful micro herb vaporizer on the market.


1. Huge vapor, new atomizer coil design: 

Vaporizer coil with special shape, increase the contact area, can make huge vapor!

2. Controllable airflow: Four different sizes holes for choosing to control the airflow, more enjoyable.

3. More healthy: Vhit King has a filtration system to get more pure vapor, more healthy.

The VHIT King by Seego is the latest and most advanced dry herb atomizer for portable vaporizer pens. 

The Vhit King features an easy load/unload design with airflow control function. 

Completely rebuildable atomizer with full access to the core element and all functional parts. 

This new atomizer produces intense vapor clouds and is easy to use.

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