Seego Vhit Reload W&D Kit

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The Seego Vhit Reload W&D continues to be popular and impress users with its advanced dry herb and wax glassomizer designed specifically for portable vaporizer pens. You’ll love the smoke clouds that are created with this Seego Vhit model.

Created as an updated version of the Seego Vhit Reload, the Vhit W&D has a pushable mouthpiece and allows for easy loading and unloading. With a completely rebuildable glassomizer, the Seego Vhit Reload gives you full access to the coil unit and all the functional parts inside.

Intended for wax and dry herb use, Seego Vhit Reload replacement coils should be purchased for the specific use. Use wax coils for wax use and dry herb coils for dry herb use to provide the best vaping experience possible.

The Seego Vhit dry herb attachment is great for those looking to smoke dry herb or wax on the go at an affordable price. Shop today and save!


1x - VHit Reload Glassomizer

1x - Dry Herb (D) Replacement Coil

1x - Wax (W) Replacement Coil

1x - VHit Brush Tool

1x - VHit Dabber Tool

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