V-Hit Series Vaporizers

Best selling line of seego vaporizers, Dry herb, and wax vaping technology.

Seego Vhit King dry herb vaporizer atomizer - 2014 Latest technology The new SEEGO Vhit Ki..


The Seego Vhit Glacier is for those who enjoy thick oils/waxes.The Glacier atomizer was designed spe..


Vhit Glacier Dual CoilThe Glacier was third in the line up of Wax/Thick Oil atomizers by Seego and f..


Vhit ReloadFeatures:1) Detach burner:  the chamber and the coil are detaches to avoid damage wh..


Vhit Reload 2With a couple of nifty features which make it stand out from all the other dry herb vap..


The Seego Vhit Reload W&D continues to be popular and impress users with its advanced dry herb a..


Vhit RiseDesigned specifically for thick oils and herbal wax, the Vhit Rise features a rotatable 360..


Vhit Rise Dual CoilOne of the best atomizers on the market! The Vhit Rise is the newest product from..


Seego Vhit Type B is a beast of a glassomizer that can vape your thick oils without any problems at ..


Vhit Type B Dual CoilThe Vhit type B atomizer is the one that started the use of borosilicate glass ..


Vhit Type CA popular model of the Seego Vhit series, the Vhit Type C is a great option for those loo..


Vhit Type CThe Seego Vhit C is the glass globe atomizer that changed it all! The Vhit C atomize..


Vhit Type C2The Vhit type C2 atomizer is the newest addition into the Vhit Type series. The new Vhit..

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